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dortizlegg@co.slo.ca.us, jmarx@slocity.org, rbeci3421@gmail.com, kbright@groverbeach.org, kstorton@arroyogrande.org, cbourbeau@atascadero.org, jheller@morrobayca.gov, jhamon@prcity.com, snewton@pismobeach.org, darnold@co.slo.ca.us, lcompton@co.slo.ca.us, bgibson@co.slo.ca.us, jpeschong@co.slo.ca.us, bstayer@iwma.com, ptoews@iwma.com

President: (Elected June 2021)
Charles Bourbeau, City of Atascadero
Appointed to Board 2017
Alternate: Susan Funk, City of Atascadero
(805) 470-3400

Vice President: (Elected June 2021)
Jan Marx, City of San Luis Obispo
Appointed to Board 2020
Prior Service: 2006-2011
Alternate: Andy Pease

Past President: (Elected Nov. 2020)
Robert Enns, Special Districts
Appointed to Board 2017
(805) 471-0651
Alternate: None

Keith Storton, City of Arroyo Grande
Appointed to Board 2019
(805) 473-5400
Alternate: Kristen Barneich, City of Arroyo Grande

Debbie Arnold, San Luis Obispo County
District 5
Appointed to Board 2014
(805) 781-4339
Alternate: None

Karen Bright, City of Grover Beach
Appointed to Board 2020
(805) 473-4567
Alternate: Mariam Shah

Lynn Compton, San Luis Obispo County
District 4
Appointed to Board 2015
(805) 781-4337
Alternate: None

Bruce Gibson, San Luis Obispo County
District 2
Appointed to Board 2007
(805) 781-4338
Alternate: None

John Hamon, City of Paso Robles
Appointed to Board 2007
(805) 238-0524
Alternate: Steve Martin, City of Paso Robles

Jeff Heller, City of Morro Bay
Appointed to Board 2019
(805) 772-6200
Alternate: Dawn Addis, City of Morro Bay
Scott Newton Headshot
Scott Newton, City of Pismo Beach
Appointed to Board 2021
(805) 419-3448
Alternate: None

Dawn Ortiz-Legg, San Luis Obispo
County District 3
Appointed to Board 2021
(805) 781-4336
Alternate: None

John Peschong, San Luis Obispo County
District 1
Appointed to Board 2017
(805) 781-4491
Alternate: None