Roundhouse PlaceIf you manage or live in a multi-family dwelling or apartment building in SLO County, it is quick and easy to set up a recycling program. Call 805-782-8530 for a FREE recycling assessment and we will guide you through three simple steps: 



Exterior bins for recycling, green waste, and food scraps

We will help you obtain an exterior bin for pickup by your waste service collection provider.                                


Interior bins for recycling and food scraps

We will provide free interior bins for each unit and educational materials about what to recycle. 




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3. Notify tenants 

Here is a sample letter to tenants explaining the new program. 




Why start a recycling program?

  • Collection is a mandate for multi-family residential dwellings of five units or more. Find out more about Mandatory Commercial Recycling.
  • Potential tenants will see recycling as an attractive amenity
  • Current tenants will see that you care about SLO County