As the country re-opens after months of lockdowns, consumers and restaurants have become more and more dependent on single-use plastic bags, containers ,and utensils due to health concerns prompted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Everyone has a part to play as we begin reinstating good habits to reduce single-use plastics and some very easy steps are:

  1. Restaurants ask customers if they want plastic utensils with their pick up and delivery orders to save money and eliminate the slew of single-use plastic products.
  2. Consumers can Just Say “No Thanks” when ordering or picking up their takeout
  3. Consumers Can Bring Their Own Container (BYOC)
    Watch this video by One Small Step to see how reusable containers are the way of the future:
  4. Consumers Can Bring Their Own Utensils
    Check out this quick video by Vox to discover hacks to reduce and reuse:

See this Instagram video by @albatross_coalition:

Uber Eats recently introduced a new feature that requires customers to opt in to receive single-use items such as utensils and straws. It’s their way of promoting mindful behavior. 

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