August Challenge – 5 Trash Items Every Day!

Take the August’s challenge – pick up 5 trash items every day, which you will notice on your way. You can do it on your way to work or to the shop or walking your dog. Every trash counts, which thanks to you will have a chance to make it to the right place, instead polluting your neighbourhood. It can be anything – found bottle, tin can, plastic bag or container and other “treasures” left in the public space.

Only 5 trash items? What change would that make? Imagine 1000 people, who will take care of the closest environment, for a month will throw away 5 found trash items – in the end it is 5000 items per day and 155 000 items per month, which will reach its right destination!

Help us reach the widest range of people – before you throw the trash away take a picture of them and post it on social media with a tag #codziennie5 or#5garbage

Pick them up! 5 trash items a day keep the pollution away