Animal Waste

Special Instructions

There are several options to dispose of dead animals.   All three landfills in the County will accept dead animals.   Call the landfills for pricing and special instructions.

In addition John Charles, 805-588-3971 will pickup dead animals.

If the dead animal is on the public right of way, call the local public works department for removal.

If you would like to bury the animal on your propoerty, call San Luis Obispo County Animal Services at 805-781-4400 for further information.

Animal feces and litter should be disposed of in the trash bin.


Pick It Up

Many pathogens in pet waste are harmful to humans and other animals. When left on the ground, pathogens like Salmonella or E. coli can leach into water systems. Be sure to pick up your pet waste every time.

no compost

Don't Compost Waste

Don’t place pet waste in commercial or backyard composting, even if you are using compostable bags. Doing so transmits diseases and invites animals to rummage through any backyard compost pile.