Bike Inner Tubes

Alternative ways to recycle
Garbage Bin

Alternative Ways to Recycle

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Green Guru's Recycling Program

Green Guru Gear collects bike inner tubes along with other hard-to-recycle outdoor gear and upcycles them into bike gear. You can mail your items to them or drop them off with one of their recycling partners. Find out more.

Ways to Reduce

patch bike inner tube

Patch Small Punctures

If your bike inner tube is punctured and the hole is small enough, try patching it before throwing it out. The Global Cycling Network has an easy-to-follow video on how to patch holes in an inner tube.

Ways to Reuse

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Use as Protective Covers

You can use your bike inner tube as a slip-resistant cover on the handle of a tool, or as a protective cover on a chain or rope, like those found on swing sets.

Make a Door Draft Stopper

Turn your bike inner tube into a draft stopper to place under a door. Cut a length of tube that’s a little longer than the door’s width, fill it with sand, and seal the edges.