Recycling Bin

Chicago Grade Landfill, Cold Canyon Landfill, Santa Maria Transfer Station and Paso Robles Landfill all have drop-off bins for cardboard. 

Cardboard Boxes

How many times a year do you think you bring boxes into your home? With the increase in Internet buying, many people are receiving packages delivered directly to their doors weekly with each purchase in a cardboard box.

They make good storage containers, but what do you do with the rest of them? The answer to this dilemma of boxes either stored or thrown away is to flatten the cardboard boxes. Here’s a great way to flatten with a minimum of fuss.



Clean Cardboard Only

Do not recycle cardboard that is wet or contaminated by food residue or grease. You can recycle clean pieces of cardboard by cutting away the soiled pieces.

Cardboard Box With Tape

Remove the Tape Before Recycling

Remove as much tape as possible from cardboard packages. If the package is covered in a paper-backed tape, such as masking tape, the entire package can still be recycled.


Corrugated Cardboard Is Recyclable

All types of cardboard can be recycled except if they’re coated in wax. Recycle corrugated cardboard when possible.


Shiny or Glossy Cardboard Is Recyclable

Shiny or glossy cardboard can be recycled, such as a toothpaste box. Waxed cardboard cannot be recycled, which you can identify by scratching off the wax.

Did You Know?

Going Flat: Good or Bad?

Check out this short cartoon for a tip on how to recycle cardboard.

Cardboard Recycling

About 70 percent of commercial shipping boxes that are made out of cardboard will be recycled. To be recycled, boxes are first turned into pulp, and then the fibers are separated and bleached. After these fibers are screened, they are washed, pressed and then rolled into paper.