Christmas Lights

Alternative ways to recycle
Garbage Bin Special Instructions

Lights and light strings are NOT recyclable, please don’t put them in your blue cart.

You can dispose of christmas lights for free at a local organization. 

Exploration Discovery Center
867 Ramon Ave, Grover Beach, CA | (805) 782-8530
Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am-5pm | MUST CHECK IN at front office
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Alternative Ways to Recycle

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Online Trade-In Programs

The online store Holiday LEDs will give you a 15 percent off coupon for mailing in your old lights to be recycled. Christmas Light Source will give you 10 percent off a purchase of new lights for mailing yours in, and donate recycling proceeds to the Dallas/Fort Worth Toys for Tots Foundation.

Ways to Reduce

LED christmas light bulbs

Switch to LED

LED Christmas lights use 80 percent less energy and can last up to 20 years. If you want to be able to replace individual lights, make sure to choose strings with removable bulbs.

Did You Know?

How to Repair Broken Christmas Lights