Alternative ways to recycle
Take to Landfill

Gpc Pallets Inc. can recycle pallets.

1326 West Stowell Road, Santa Maria, CA | (805) 922-7202


Central Coast Pallets can recycle pallets

1571 E. Betteravia, Santa Maria, CA | (805) 431-2907 | [email protected]



Alternative Ways to Recycle

Give to Pallet Recycling Company

Some companies, such as 48Forty, will recycle their own pallets. Companies that use CHEP’s blue plastic pallets can recycle them by contacting CHEP.
Smart Way Recycling accepts both wooden and plastic pallets.

Ways to Reuse


Turn Your Pallets Into Something New

The possibilities to repurpose your pallets are endless. Check out Pinterest for ideas and how-tos.