Illegal in Garbage & Drains
Hazardous Waste

The Poison Control Center can be reached by calling (800) 662-9886.

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Never Dump Down the Drain

Poisons are a type of hazardous waste that can contaminate drinking water sources and threaten human health. Keep poisons out of the trash, and never pour down the drain.


Damaged Container

Dispose of a poison if there is damage to the container, such as if it is punctured or the label is illegible. Pack any damaged poison bottles into another empty container to prevent it from leaking.


Poison-Proof Your Home

The EPA recommends that every household do a room-to-room safety inspection, especially if there are kids present. Check out the the EPA’s handy checklist and action steps for poison-proofing your house.

Ways to Reduce


Use Up Completely

It’s best practice to only buy as much as you need. Not leaving partially filled bottles of poison around the house limits your exposure to this hazardous substance, which can be damaging to your health overtime.