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Did you know that 400,000 straws are used every day in San Luis Obispo County1 and that none of the straws are recycled in San Luis Obispo County.2

You can make a difference on the number of straws that are disposed of in the County.   Instead of automatically getting a straw at a restaurant, tell your server that you don’t need a straw.     Studies show that 80% of the customers will  say no if asked if they want a straw.  If a customer says no, that is one less straw that would have been landfilled.   The following is a video which highlights information about straws. 

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1 The National Park Service estimates that 1.6 straws per person per day are used.

2 Straws are not recycled or composted in San Luis Obispo County

Ways to Reduce

Buy Reusable Straws

Cut down on your use of disposable plastic by switching to stainless steel, silicone, glass or paper straws. Find more eco-friendly straw options.


Make Stainless Steel Straws

If you want to get crafty, try making a set of stainless steel straws. Metal straws are safe and reusable, unlike paper or plastic straws.

Refuse the Straw

When you go out to a bar, restaurant or coffee shop, refuse the straw. When you place your order, tell your server right away that you don’t need one.

Donate Reusable Straws

Reusable straws can be donated just like any other reusable barware or tableware.

Did You Know?

The Last Plastic Straw Movement

500 million straws are used and discarded on a daily basis in the United States alone. The Last Plastic Straw is working to address this rapidly growing problem. They ask people to request drinks without straws when they go out, and for cities and businesses to ban the use of plastic drinking straws completely.

Walt Disney Company Cut Out Plastic Straws

The Walt Disney Company uses paper straws at some locations to protect their animals from ingesting any discarded plastic. Find out more.