Why Do We Collect Food Scraps?


Did you know when you send your food scraps to the landfill to be buried they produce methane gas?

  • Methane gas is 23 x more potent than carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • 1/3 of what we throw away should go in the green cart.

Like Clean Air? Be Smart Use the Green Cart!

                             Interested in Where Your Food Scraps Go?

  • Food scraps and green waste collected from curbside bins are sent to one of two facilities in our county where they’re turned into energy and soil amendments used by our local farmers and wineries.

Hitachi Zosen INOVA(805-434-6699) An Anaerobic Digester -Watch this GREAT VIDEO to see how it was built!

North County Compost(805) 434-0043 Windrow Composting

What Items Can be Placed in the Green Cart or Green Bin?

Easy Tips to Get Started

  • Remove stickers, twist ties, and rubber bands from produce.
  • Keep a small bowl or food scrap pail handy for food prep trimmings and scraping your plate.
  • Store food scraps in a covienient location: on the counter, under the sink, in the fridge or freezer (especially for meat and fish during hot weather).
  • Put your food scraps in the green cart for weeky pick up.
  • Help your guests and family be Super Sorters by visiting our Recycling Guide or create a visual aid by printing the Green Cart Sticker or Blue Cart Sticker

Open This Great Flyer to Learn More