Kids RecyclingKids love to emulate their parents — up until a certain age, anyway. By introducing “green” practices early on, there is a better chance your child will become an enthusiastic recycler and develop a long-lasting appreciation for protecting the earth.

Make our great green globe a better place to live with these family-friendly ideas:

  • Have fun. Before brushing teeth, sing a song about “saving water for the fish.” Have your kid decorate cloth grocery bags with non-toxic pens. Pick out a colorful waste-free lunch box together.
  • Make recycling convenient, with clearly labeled bins located in strategic locations around your home; not just in the kitchen, but in the bathroom (for toilet paper tubes) and bedroom, too.
  • Clearly explain eco-friendly activities using positive language. For example, “We hang our shirts on the clothesline to save energy,” or “These glass bottles going into the recycle bin will get crushed up and turned into new bottles.”