This program introduces students to the concepts and practices of composting food waste using worms. The students will learn worm anatomy and how worms decompose their food scraps. You will have the option to borrow a worm bin on loan for a real interactive learning experience.

Grades K-12, 45 minutes. 


For the Vermicomposting Vocabulary List, Click Here (PDF)

For the Worm Anatomy Worksheet Click Here (PDF)


Videos for Grades K-2 

Composting for Kids. A 6 minute informative video about composting, and a great follow up to Vermicomposting.


Diary of a Worm. A 6 minute entertaining and educational reading of Diary of a Worm. A great follow-up to Vermicomposting.




Download the Next Generation Science Standards for Vermicomposting (PDF).

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